Deconstructing Faith On Purpose

It’s obvious why so many assume that deconstructing one’s faith could be dangerous, but no one seems to notice how dangerous it is to stay where you are!

Larry Berlin
8 min readJan 18, 2022


An unusual scene, with a damaged and twisted house resting on top of a blue vehicle that is upside down.
Photo by John Middelkoop on Unsplash

Sometimes sanity is relative. Where’s the sanity in tearing apart your house unless its broken and needs fixed? What do they say? “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” But how do you know it ain’t broke unless you examine it closer than from the driveway as you park the car?

You could imagine someone choosing, for some weird and strange reason, to take apart their house so that they could sit and meditate in the place where it used to be. But what then? Live without a house? Some seasons that might be fine, but all year? What about the next year? What about that mortgage that wasn’t paid off? What about nervous neighbors who will try to have you whisked off to some mental hospital?

We’ve seen many folks have their roof taken off so they can put up a new one, or maybe you’ve done that on your house? Then there are those houses which the wind got a hold of and made a mess, so there’s reason to take it apart, but again there is purpose, so it can be put back together, made whole. We tend to need houses, or a place of safety and security like a house. Its just practical.

So your Faith got a little bumped up, clouded, and bruised from circumstances? Were you full of harsh words, or was it just a shock to listen to others putting thoughts into words? We can be bruised even if we aren’t hit with a flying stick or stone! Our own quick words often haunt us about our own lives, even if our faith is perfectly fine.

Some have to deconstruct because the words which describe their inner thoughts and convictions are having a bit of decohesion! So many things learned from many different teachers and tough experiences or bad examples. Sometime later when we put them together we discover they don’t fit, like two puzzle pieces from very different pictures. What then? Which part to believe or to trust?

It may not be the seeming source of discomfort that’s the problem, but sensing a bit of discord in your Faith can be reason enough to want to deconstruct. Think about it, even Jesus’ disciples didn’t understand what…



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