Potentially Hazardous Asteroids

Partial source of the Great Flood of Noah’s day?

Larry Berlin
13 min readApr 12, 2022


A medieval man crawls beneath the starry sky to see how the universe works.
A colored-in version of the famed 1888 black-and-white Flammarion engraving called “Universum”. Colorizing of a Public Domain Image by .Raven licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

PHAs? Yes, they exist and we need to respect their sizes and the momentum they carry! Do we need to fear them? You might be surprised that the Bible says “no” to that question.

The Earth was hit with a large barrage of rocks and water about 4500 years ago, according to the Bible’s history and the geological evidence. It brought about a major flood which drastically altered the condition of the Earth, changed its axis tilt, and brought about broken mountains much higher than any that existed before, with some of the highest carrying with them as they rose, enormous stores of things like seashells! Yes, Mt Everest has seashells upon it’s heights.

Where did that flood come from? Yes, I know the Bible tells us that God sent it, but how did He send it? Let’s look at some of the more recent objective evidence which could give us some new clues.

Some authors note that the list of currently known PHAs include over 1000 of them which are greater in physical size than 1 Kilometer. They currently move around their orbits, sometimes coming close to our Earth’s orbit, but most of them orbiting beyond Mars. It would only take a small perturbation of their current orbits to cause their next passage past a planet’s orbital path to coincide with the planet’s presence there at the same time, such that a collision might occur.

I’m going to make an observation here which is largely guesswork, but it happens to have the greatest amount of objective “evidence” to potentially fit the Great Flood scenario. I do not claim this is what happened, but it appears that it could have been a part of what happened, so maybe this was the initiating event. So we’re going to look at some of those details.

There are skeptics who claim the great flood did not happen at all, but the real geological evidence (a spearate story) is overwhelmingly in favor of the flood of Noah’s time, and on such a bigger scale that the skeptics can stand, and have stood, right next to and on top of the evidence, and still claim they can’t “see” any evidence. A flood on that scale would have to be bigger than the tiny thoughts of those skeptics, and God is big enough to bring it about, whatever means He used to carry it…



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