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Thanks for writing on this topic. This is one example where we have to make sure of more than one thing. Genuine science will not contradict the Bible because God "invented" science, via the creation of everything and anything that does exist. You can't out-science the Creator who speaks and it stands fast.

The big problem here is related to two things, one is we are "new" to science so we are still discovering what it is and what it means. So our understanding is often wrong. Secondly, we often incorrectly understand what God has said. We must examine all that God says on a topic so we don't reach false conclusions.

Let's start with God's Word. He tells us that He has always existed, that He doesn't change, and that He is The Creator. The interpretation of these factors should tell us that the universe is potentially infinite in scale since God has always been creating, adding to and potentially modifying what He's created before.

With this visible throughout the Bible in various places, we can then understand the notion that the "universe" is only a few thousand years old, is bogus, a wrong understanding derived out of context from the whole Bible. Science helps confirm that such narrow interpretations can't be correct. The Bible says the "universe", that which God has created, is being made at the time and place of God's choosing.

Revelation 4:11

Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

The Creation account in Genesis is about earth's debut in God's greater universe. According to the Bible, that is likely a few thousand years ago. He does not tell us what the exact condition of rocks and lava and other features were when He created them. We measure and derive various other figures for the age of those rocks, and we assume the earth itself is some age much greater than a few thousand. He doesn't tell us His method, nor does the Bible explicitly describe the actual creation of the rocks and the waters.

The Bible's purpose is to introduce us to the Creator and show us how to be restored to direct contact with Him, and to learn how He can repair our sinful condition. After we become part of His family by choice, we then will have eternity to learn many other things about creation and the greater universe, by visiting those places and hearing His explanations.

The creation account is about what He did with an unlivable place, and how it was modified in an orderly manner to make sure that life of all sorts would have the necessary elements and conditions in which to live and thrive. Once those things are in place, He added birds, fish, and animals, and finally His grand purpose, humanity.

I'll accept God's Word over what "science" dreams up, but that's with the understanding that we often don't understand science, and we misinterpret some of the Bible too. Our judgment on these matters is not perfect or complete. But we do see that God has claimed many things about His Creation that we can examine and study, and for those things which are clear, we can simply accept His Word over what some atheists have dreamed up creatively to illustrate how a godless universe might have created itself. That's not even valid science!

We can give kudos to humanity for it's creativity and imagination, but God isn't guessing or imagining, and He has a cohesive message in the Bible, including that before much longer He will destroy the earth with fire, and eventually cleanse it of all evidence of sinfulness, and recreate it to His original blueprint. That's what the Bible is about, how to know what His plans are, and how to make sure our name is on the list of those who will be given the opportunity to live forever on the recreated earth, minus sin, suffering, war, death, violence, sorrow, etc...

I look at the universe and see an expanse that is fascinating, and given that we can become His family, and have access to visiting those far flung places freely, and learn the real and True story of how those places function, what their purpose is, and be able to meet the billions of other beings He has created, interests me very much. Those things are offered, with a promise that if we follow Him, according to what the Bible teaches, we will have access to Him and those places.

Nothing on this damaged earth comes close to what He offers. If I trust Him, He offers plenty of proof too. If I choose to doubt, then I may not see the things He has intended for us to learn from, so we miss out. Those who follow Him are given much and they do not walk blindly, or by guessing based on humanity's weakened and distorted intellect.

God hasn't been correcting our "science" because He wants to correct our hearts, our character, so that we can later live with Him and learn the Truth, including about science. By understanding that His science is more accurate, it helps build my faith, and to see through the false human theories that fail repeatedly.



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