Where Are The Aliens? (Pt 1/3)

We need to remove our blinders if we want to see and understand

Larry Berlin
6 min readDec 29, 2021
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Many turn to what’s known as the Drake Equation to estimate how many intelligent civilizations might exist “out there” either in our galaxy, or in the visible portion of the universe. However there are a host of assumptions which are made in order to establish results from that equation. At best its a process that begins with guesswork, uses hundreds or thousands of additional guesses yielding assumptions, and then provides a number at the end which can be interpreted in many ways.

In essence, the SETI project or the “Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence” is based loosely on the fact that all those guesses in the Drake Equation pretty much gives us a clue that there MUST be other beings out there. The prime example and most solid fact in existence on this subject is that WE exist!

So where are they and why haven’t we seen evidence of them?

Lets start with basics.

Extra Terrestrial… That means life which comes from somewhere away from Earth. Non-earthly sourced life. We will use the term “Alien” as a reference to these beings from elsewhere.

Intelligence… Here’s where we end up with the biggest problem!



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