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You've asked some good questions and provided some of the answers. Thanks for tackling a problematic issue.

However your description of "knowing our spheres" is lacking a bit of context. Since God is the Creator, He's also the master scientist. The issue itself isn't with religion or science, but with human assumptions, and those fall down on both sides.

The PR image of science has been overstated, and there is an horrendous amount of knowledge that is assumed to be reliable, but is in fact not even scientific, but despite that, has become accepted as foundational to science. The Bible even warns of this in the words, "science falsely so called!"

1 Timothy 6:20

O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:

The religion side is equally problematic due to misinterpretations that are rife across Christianity along with outright false beliefs of various sorts with origins outside of the foundational book of Christianity, the Bible.

There has been a concerted effort to manufacture a discontinuity between religion and science that doesn't need to be there at all. But arguing that debate with false or mistaken ideas from either side doesn't help resolve anything.

The bottom line for Christianity is that God's purpose was not to help us develop more science, invent a better battery, or reach space in a cramped metal compartment! God has full access to all of the Universe, but to get us there we need to understand and accept the standards of behavior and belief that operates throughout the universe. God's Law has always been there, and the Bible presents God and His standards, along with the record of His interactions with humanity.

In typical blind human vigor, we have ignored God's standard, and pressed on with purely human and often wrong notions of what is good for us. The deceiver, Satan, has fostered the wrong understandings and pushes us toward wrong doing in order to bring about our doom. We see in the Bible that Satan uses such things against humanity, but he tried it with Jesus too.

God tells us that if we get His principles in the right order, we will eventually, through Him, have access to the universe and a correct understanding of science too. In the meantime, we should evaluate and study science in connection to God as our Creator, as that is the direction of correct flow.

Thanks for your story!



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