Where Are The Aliens? (Pt 2/3)

We need to remove our blinders if we want to see and understand

Larry Berlin


Palm Trees Photo by Adam Birkett on Unsplash and Binoculars Photo by mostafa meraji on Unsplash Composite Design by the Author.

If you just joined this story please visit Part 1/3 where we looked at the basis of the Drake Equation and challenged the readers to seek both intelligence and wisdom.

The immediate need (in this story) is for skeptics to suspend their “disbelief,” keep an open mind and understand that in the end, all any of us have is a “belief.” What counts is where our belief rests, and the logical steps we can apply as we examine various sources of evidence.

Notice, this particular story will NOT explore the full depth of evidences from the Bible, or the evidences which give me a strong trust in the history it provides. Those deeper explorations will have to wait for further writing days because its too extensive for an “easy read” article like this. Please just follow along and glean what you can, and return later to read more.

The “Nutshell” Version

When we examine the Bible for evidence about our beginnings and seek the purpose for existence we discover that this is a major point of the Bible itself as a whole. We do not need to understand all the connectivity in in the Bible to understand that it has that larger purpose and context. It’s a book written for us. It’s written about us and about what is available to us and for us. It’s also about how to prepare ourselves for the re-introduction of our species back into the greater Universe of intelligent beings, from which we’ve been blocked for most of our history.

We are Quarantined!

At least today most of us understand what that word means! A couple of years ago it would have been met with a blank questioning look. Today its the social blight which deprives us of a lot of human contact we crave and need, but can’t have because of fear of a tiny virus we can’t see. The Bible reveals that our entire Earth is in quarantine, and we’ve forgotten about it due to the press of ordinary life!

Read it for yourself in the first several books of Genesis in the Bible. We were created here on Earth, a planet created for us to live on and use. We’re here because of an ancient plan and careful preparation. At our creation we were expected…



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